Haleigh Draper

August 2022

Hi Manuela,

We absolutely loved our trip it was the vacation of a lifetime! We loved all of the tours and just wish we could have spent more time because it never feels like enough. I will say the Chianti tour was probably our least favorite if only because they tried to fit in too many places, we would have preferred to just have gone to just a couple and gotten to spend more time at each one. The tour in Sorrento to the lemon farm was our favorite, they were very knowledgeable and the food was wonderful as well as the beautiful little farm.

We appreciated how you had the itinerary organized and with maps so we had no issues finding where we were supposed to be, it really took the stress out of it.

We also appreciated your and your teams’ responsiveness when we had the issue with the flight getting from Naples to Catania.

Thank You

Haleigh Draper

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