Lynne Bachrach

June 2022

First, our trip would not have been the same without our Roman guide, Manuela. She is bright and engaging, but personally, and full of amazing factual stories of history. We wished we had Manuela all throughout Italy. She is really that exceptional. We appreciated the guide in Florence, but her English was not very strong. And her presentations were disjointed in time so it was sometimes difficult to understand her (especially the teenagers). The driver/guide in Chianti/Tuscany was amazing. She was knowledgeable, a confident & careful driver, and very kind and thoughtful when our son felt car sick. She also helped us discover places, not on our planned list which made it fun. We appreciated the guide at Pompeii but she seemed rushed to be with us. We very much enjoyed the guide in Paestum A very bright, and kind-hearted history expert. She was very very good at her job.

At all times, our drivers were professional and early. They may have benefitted from having a direct way to reach us. Your company only had my cell # and should have also had my husband’s because he was the only one with international service. This is mostly my fault for not adding his contact info sooner. We noticed that drivers in Rome and Florence do not really converse with passengers. We were totally OK with that, BUT we had the most wonderful time in Sorrento with Renato and his team. We really enjoyed their warmth and care for their jobs and pride in where they live.

For experiences, all museums and archeology sites were fantastic. We enjoyed the town of Greve, and its history also. We loved the family cheese factory & winery very much. We did not realize that it was only buffalo mozzarella that you eat. we thought it would be more of a tour about how they make the cheese. But we were tired anyway from Paestum and we were very late (because of the rain), and the food was amazing and delicious.

Thank You,


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