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Teatro Massimo Palermo Opera Theater

Teatro Massimo, Palermo Opera Theater, Sicily
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This opera house was dedicated to King Victor Emanuel II and is the largest in Italy. Italian architect Giovan Battista Filippo Basile designed and oversaw the construction in 1864. What inspired Basile was ancient and classical Sicilian architecture, so the exterior is reminiscent of the Greek temples at Selinunte and Agrigento. This opera house was closed for twenty-three years, starting in 1974. It reopened four days before its centenary on May 12, 1997. The Summer program is usually held at the Teatro di Verdura, while some performances take place at the Teatro Politeama.

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Farfalle – Opera – United Nations Room
                                                         Choreography by Anna Balducci, Piero Leccese
                                                         May 16, 27

Mini – Opera – United Nations Room                                                                          Choreography by Sara Campinoti, Elisa Capecchi                                                       
May 28, 29, 31