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Asian design: Alamaki! at La Triennale di Milano


Asian design: Alamaki! at La Triennale di Milano

It is always great when designers have good sense of humor and positive vibes. Usually their pieces are full of surprises, fun and bold solutions easy to understand and therefore to employ. Alamaki! exhibition (which literally means “Oh my god!”), now on show at La Triennale di Milano, features such funky and out-of-expectation objects made by the 12 top designers from Asia.

Among the most eye-catching works you will find there shrunk CCTV skyscraper from Beijing turned into a wooden wardrobe by the Chinese designer Naihan Li ,rocking horses by Alvin Tjitrowirjo from Indonesia, Bori Throne made of recycled material by Gunjan Gupta from India, and repaired pottery by the Japanese artist Jo Nagasaki.


Maria Novozhilova


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