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Best of Expo 2015: the eye-catching Malaysia Pavilion

Best of Expo 2015: the eye-catching Malaysia Pavilion

Expo in Milan is, no doubt, a great opportunity to check world’s most unusual architectures and quirky design ideas. In this sense, one of the best Universal Exposition’s buildings of this year is the Malaysia Pavilion. At least according to the Italian social networks. No surprise though! Its eye-catching iconic silhouette draws visitors attention, magnetizes their cams collecting this way a stellar quantity of related posts on virtual networks.

The whole structure of the Pavilion appears as the four giant reticular seeds, symbolically representing the growth, the potential and, at the same moment, the attention toward nature, rich biodiversity and sustainable development of the country.

What is interesting, however, such an unusual and eye-catching shape of the Malaysia Pavilion, designed by the Kuala Lumpur office Hijjas Kasturi Associates, was practically crafted piece by piece. Over 3000 steel joints were developed to connect each specific component of the external structure made with the innovative and sustainable “glulam” timber, a local know-how of Malaysia.

Inside the Pavilion hosts about 2,047 sq.m. of exhibition space divided into four parts. Each seed represents in fact an independent narrative chapter that brings you, at least for a moment, into a lush rain forests, modern urban centers and the world of colors, music and art of culturally rich and surprising Malaysia.

So, if you are planning to visit the World Expo in Milan, make sure not to miss this appealing made in Malaysia Pavilion.

Maria Novozhilova

twitter: @NovozhilovaM