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Breathtaking Swiss Cloud at Venice Biennale


Breathtaking Swiss Cloud at Venice Biennale 

This year Venice Biennale brings you to cloud nine. Literally!

Designed by the Zurich-based architect Christian Kerez,  the Switzerland Pavilion offers a unique experience of stepping into a real cloud. Realized as an ultra slim shell in fibre-cement, this pavilion is an inhabitable sculpture. Take off your shoes and sneak in it through a tiny hole. Bumpy, wavy and rough interior that you will find inside looks like a real cave. Though it features a very small room, its infinite complexity and unexpected puzzling shapes will make you want to climb it all in order to explore it up to the smallest detail.  

Indeed, this extraordinary installation is a well done research on how abstract architectural ideas and artistic imagination meet today technical feasibility, building technology and constantly growing number of construction rules. Entitled “Incidental Space”, Kerez’s cloud is something you won’t forget long. 


Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM