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Bussana Vecchia: A Ghost Town and Europe’s Last Hippies


About 8 km from San Remo in Liguria, lies a small town called Bussana Vecchia. Bussana is a small ghost town, and it counts only 66 official inhabitants. But these are just numbers – Bussana is full of life and you will love it.
Badly damaged and therefore abandoned after the earthquake of 1887, the town has never been really restored. Its ruined houses, charming stone streets and spectacular views (located just few kilometers from the coast) after dozens and dozens of years of neglect have finally revived. 

Starting from the 50-s things have changed when a small group of artists came across this magic place … and stayed. Since then, the community of free spirited artists and hippies only grew and grew. Still today many of them live with no hot water nor electricity, doors are always open and people friendly. The streets light up at night with candles and torches. Primitive, emotional and extraordinary!
Would you like to visit this enchanted place?

BUSSANA VECCHIA – Buzzana Jazz Club 2017  “Photos by Maurizio Falcone”

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM