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Dizzying Aosta: Mountain Peaks and Architecture

Dizzying Aosta: Mountain Peaks and Architecture

Watch out! Don’t get dizzy! Charming Aosta city, surrounded by 40 mountain peaks, each over 3000 meters in height, is a vertiginous place. Pure air, stunning landscapes, and local traditional alpine architecture will draw you into a new world of highland adventure.

Aosta, the principal city of the richest region of Italy (and one of the richest in Europe) Aosta Valley, is settled at 583 meters above sea level. That makes it is the sixth highest capital of the “boot”. However, while being considered as one of the most important centers of the country, it is just a tiny and cozy town where you want to spend unforgettable vacations. Stunning in winter and even more beautiful in summer, Aosta offers breathtaking views, numerous mountain trails for active and sporty tourists, and unforgettable cultural heritage for architectural enthusiasts. “Arco di Augusto”, built-in 25 b.C., is the main gate to the city center built by Ancient Romans. Constructed from solid blocks of immortal conglomerate and almost 12 meters in height it marks the historical heart of Aosta. From here traditional Italian Decumano, a pedestrian main street, starts.

However, it is not only the Arch that has been there for more than 2 thousand years. Another monument you should not miss is the “Porta Praetoria” (The Praetorian Gate), a square-shaped piazza enclosed on each side by a 6.5-meter wall. The two of the walls feature three characteristic arcades designed for the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The gate and the bastions used to be, in fact, the protection fortress of the town. Still solid and robust as in ancient times, each measures about 3 meters thickness at the bottom. The rest of Aosta is no less attractive for an exploration and a romantic escape. Picturesque bridges, narrow inviting streets, an endless ocean of colorful flowers, and, of course, a spectacular mountain panorama will stay in your heart forever.

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