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Expo 2015 is back! Visit Palazzo Italia Free!


Expo 2015 is back! Visit Palazzo Italia Free!

Did you miss the 2015 Expo and decide non to wait in line for hours to visit the Italian Pavilion? No worries! Palazzo Italia is open again and completely free for everybody. Don’t miss your chance to see the number one venue of the Universal Exhibition held in Milan in 2015 now.

Eye-catching, sustainable and technologic Palazzo Italia featuring a smog-eating façade definitely was among the top must see pavilions of the Milan Expo 2015. However, the 3 hour wait for many became a good reason to skip it. Interestingly, it was not only the pavilion’s incredible biodynamic skin that actually takes pollution out of the air, or the futuristic taste of its architectural design created by the Italian office Nemesi to attract thousands and thousands of visitors. Its interior content was no less appealing.

Among plenty of things on display of Palazzo Italia dedicated to “Italian Powers”, perhaps the most suggestive one was the chapter singing the praises to the Italian Beauty. Its sequence of 3 completely mirrored rooms was filled with dynamic digital projections of Italy’s best landscapes, architectures and art heritages, and accompanied by vibrant sounds. These 3 rooms (just a tiny part of the 6-storey pavilion) showcasing endless reflections of timeless Italian beauty were simply enough to recognize the Palazzo as the Expo’s best event. So, how great can it be to know that you can dive in a magic atmosphere and to travel throughout the whole country, to swim Italian seas, climb mountain peaks, and to enter stunning churches and discover new destinations again? Virtually for the moment. But very realistic! …ah, and with no lines at all.

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM