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Please Touch: City After the City at La Triennale di Milano


Please Touch: City After the City at La Triennale di Milano

How often did you hear that we are not supposed to touch anything in a museum? Do not do this, do not do that, just keep away, observe and do it in silence. Well, this is something you won’t hear visiting “City After the City” exhibition at La Triennale di Milano held at the former Expo Milan 2015 area. Encouraged to touch, sit, lay, try, feel intriguing pieces of design, visitors can fully experience the great selection of architectural furniture that mirrors changing lifestyle of big cities, and that goes beyond established limits and stereotypes regarding how a house is supposed to be.

The “Expanded Housing” section of “City After the City” features such designs as Hatch by Michele De Lucchi (for Unifor 2015), Husk by Marc Thorpe (for Moroso 2015), One Series by David Adjaye (for Sawaya & Moroni 2015), Kenchikugaku – Foldaway Office by Atelier OPA, Foresta by Sakura Adachi (for Campeggi 2015), Nestrest by Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety (for Dedon, 2010), historical piece Abitacolo by Bruno Munari, Rolo by Giulio Iacchetti (2013), Chicca by Federica Fabbri (for Il Ceppo 2014) and many others.

Besides, to make things even better, after having played at “Expanded Housing” and visiting other 6 sections of the exhibition, don’t miss the “Street Art” hall of the museum. Conceived as “art for all”, here you can pick and literally take home the work of art you like the most. No kidding! Realized as a labyrinth of posters illustrating world’s  most famous graphic works confining between public and private, individual and society, architecture and the environment, permitted and prohibited, it offers to everyone (and for free) to take as many prints as one can carry. There is just enough for everyone (at least for now…). So better rush! 

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM