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Discover the island of Ischia

Ischia is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples and the eighth largest in Italy. However, Ischia, also known as the ‘green island’, is quite often overshadowed by the fame of its smaller neighbour Capri. These two gems shine with their own light in the Mediterranean Sea and deserve appreciation beyond comparisons.

Capri, with its rugged landscapes, dramatic cliffs dropping steeply into azure waters and upscale hotels, has been the holiday destination par excellence, from the emperor Tiberius to today’s VIP’s.

On the contrary, Ischia stands out as the largest volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the port itself nestling on an ancient crater. Its dark volcanic-sand beaches and alkaline thermal springs have made it one of the largest spas in Europe and a popular retreat for centuries. The Greeks bathed these wondrous waters to restore the spirit and heal their war wounds, the Romans praised their healing properties. Remains of public Thermae on the island remind us of the numerous springs used as a space of leisure and relaxation in those ancient times.

Today, this island is still famed for its thermal spas and sunsets tinged with orange and pink, but also food enthusiasts and seekers of the bluest skies and seas can find here their slice of heaven. All this, combined with luscious gardens and a vivacious parterre of visitors from the close-by Neapolitan shores, make Ischia an unexpected, refreshing alternative to its more glamorous younger sister, ensuring a delightful experience that will entice you back.

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