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Museum Nicolis: Vintage Cars in Verona


Museum Nicolis: An unforgettable collection of vintage cars, planes, and technology in Verona.

The Award-Wining Museo Nicolis is an incredible private collection of cars, engineering, and mechanical achievements. Winner of the 2018 Museum of the Year at the Historic Motoring award, this museum has become an international sensation and popular destination for quite some time. This is understandable considering its’ history and collections.

The museum was a lifelong dream of founder Luciano Nicolis. In 1934 his father started recycling paper and Luciano would later transform the company business Lamacart into a leader in paper recycling. The museum, founded in 2000, was his passion and pride. According to the museum website, he would often lead people on tours and when asked about ‘his’ collections he would respond “we are not the owners of all this, just the safe-keepers for the future.”

The museums’ collections are a celebration of the innovations and quality of the Made in Italy standard and international technological achievements. There are ten collections with an incredible number of items. An Ansaldo from 1906 is just one of the 200 cars in the car collection, many restored by Nicolis himself. Some of the 110 bicycles were ridden by great champions. The first velocipedes, scooter, and first-generation motorbikes are among the 100 collected here. A few airplanes are on display along with a military collection including a WWI tank. More than 500 movie and photography cameras, 100 musical instruments and jukeboxes, 100 typewriters, and upcoming exhibits include the Vespa Club d’Italia Trophies.

The Museum participates in a number of classic car events, such as the Rimini-San Marino Veteran Rally and hosts a number of fashion and entertainment events throughout the year. In addition to tours, the museum has a vintage store with one-of-a-kind items and the bookstore is well-stocked with publications on the international motoring scene. To book your tour contact Cultural Italy.

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Jennie Olson Six
Content Writer, Cultural Italy