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Oasi di Sant’Alessio : Animals in an Ancient Italian Fortress Near Milan


Oasi di Sant’Alessio: animals in an ancient Italian Fortress near Milan.

Wild, beautiful and dangerous animals in an ancient Italian Castle? Crocodiles, piranha, toadfish and many other beasts are just a part of the colorful and blooming jungle of Oasi Sant’Alessio. You can find this amazing green maze just about 40 minutes away from Milan.

This incredible Oasi was found in 1973 on the lands of the fascinating fortress of Sant’Alessio built back in far 1413. The mission was to protect endangered species. Indeed, Sant’Alessio has re-introduced in Italy several species that have disappeared for centuries. White Stork is one of them.

To explore the unique Sant’Alessio fauna including reptiles, mammals, birds, fish and insects you will need a whole day.

Don’t miss the crocodile with its terrible jaws, terrifying toadfish featuring venomous spines and always ready to jump on the unsuspecting prey, extremely predatory piranhas and also more peaceful toucan, fluffy parrots, pink flamingos, century-old turtles and cute and lazy sloths.


An unforgettable walk for the youngest and their parents in the middle of fierce and innocent, flattering, swimming and creeping creatures. 

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM