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Rising Vacations

Cultural Italy is very pleased and proud to welcome Rising Vacations, a new travel agency specialized in vacations to Europe!

With the same attitude and philosophy of Cultural Italy, Rising Vacations creates customized tours in Europe for curious travelers who want to immerse deeply into European cultures and enjoy their nuances. Believing in the importance of consulting clients to understand their needs, likes and travel style, each Rising Vacations travel designers has been trained to provide the highest professional, competent and courteous service.

Rising Vacations truly believes that culture is not only found in museums, galleries and touristy spots, so their proposals include a variety of experiences not found in standard vacations. Culture can be discovered visiting artistic and historical sites, tasting traditional food and relaxing in front of amazing sceneries. Culture is also to be experienced with the locals and can be appreciated in farmers markets, sidewalk cafes and city squares.

There are so many not-to-be-missed European dates:

You could visit the cosmopolitan Barcelona in mid August and discover the Festa Major in the charming Gràcia Quarter, home to several masterpieces of the architect Gaudì. Walking through the streets you will be amazed by the vaults of colorful decorations surrounding you and the creativity which distinguishes them.

Why not fly to Germany, where each area has its own local production and there are as many 5000 different types of beer? Each year the last two weekends of September and the first one of October host the Oktoberfest in Munich, a dip in the Bavarian tradition with its folklore and magical atmosphere.

Christmas Markets are a big tradition in Europe. With its traditional flair and ambiance the Salzburg Christmas Market is the perfect setting to get in the mood for Christmas. You will be enchanted by traditional craftsmanship, delicious Christmas cookies and the delicate scent of mulled wine which envelops the stalls.

Treat yourself to a vacation in France during the Bordeaux Wine Festival in June 2016, the world’s largest food and wine attraction organized just every two years. If you are an enthusiastic jazz lover, the international Montreux Jazz Festival is not to be missed: surrounded by vineyards and mountains on the Geneva Lake, the town was the ideal setting for “Smoke on the water” recorded by Deep Purple in 1973.

Born at the same time of the new British princess, Rising Vacations can be considered a true Royal Baby. In the same way Cultural Italy provides luxury travel service for Italy, Rising Vacations is available for other must-see European destinations.

We enthusiastically welcome Rising Vacations!

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