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Best of Expo 2015: German fields of ideas

Huge, 5 thousand sq.m big, Germany Pavilion designed by Schmidhuber architects is a landscape rich with ideas on future human nutrition. Visiting Germany at Expo-2015 one can either travel exploring gently sloping ramps and open air lounge areas that wrap around the building, or enter inside and discover the country’s green commitment to the theme “Feed the planet. Energy for life”. Either way one will take, the satisfaction is guaranteed!

The eye-catching technologic exterior of the German Pavilion is a public garden made of smooth photovoltaic leaves. Their light white metallic structure is completed with a pentagonal décor. Walking underneath these large canopies one can easily notice however that those numerous blue hexagonal modules are actually nothing else but tiny photovoltaic panels. Indeed, the Solar roof Trees of the German building not only provide elegant shelter and sun protection during the day. Above all, they collect energy that is employed to light the Pavilion up with LED circular lamps during the night. In other words, great stenographic effect of geometric patterning is combined here with the cutting-edge technology and innovative sustainability approach.

Stepping inside, instead, one emerges into a world of environmental consciousness and nutritional awareness. After passing through the multimedia gallery illustrating new and inventive hints for food growing, water preserving and energy saving one ends up in a real urban garden. Boxes colored with happy sunny colors and filled with lush flowers and vegetables are spread all over the hall to illustrate a prototype solution how to deal with mobile gardening in the city. What is more, here one can pick some great food ideas-to-go and to discover healing properties of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM