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The Temples of Selinunte

DESTINATION: the Temples of Selinunte

Sicily is home to some of Italy’s most iconic destinations and perhaps the most spectacular are the Temples of Selinunte. Once a thriving Greek city of perhaps 30,000, now all that remains of that moment is a site of such architectural and historic significance that it simply must be seen to be believed. Ruins of the majestic temples situated around an ancient acropolis draw visitors from around the world.

The temple’s ruins are massive and the Hellenistic design of the classic Greek style is as unmistakable as it is beautiful. The most famous of these is The Temple of Hera, which was controversially re-erected by the Italian architect Jole Bovio Marconi using original techniques in 1959. This gives the visitor a unique opportunity to view the past and present of these incredible temples.

As a historical reference point, the temples are an enduring monument to the vast city that at the time was one of the most important Greek cities in Sicily. Italy offers so many opportunities to view sublime architectural beauty that spans thousands of years but the Temples of Selinunte deliver an experience that is timeless. A visit to Selinunte is a must when visiting Sicily. Prepare to be amazed.

Richard Benites
Cultural Italy Staff Writer

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