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The Venice Carnival in November?

The Annual Carnival in Venice each February is one of the world’s most famous premier events. The hardest thing to endure is the days after the Carnival ends. The reason is the realization that there is so long to wait until the next one. Atelier Tiepolo, a wonderful company in Venice that rents and sells the magical costumes of the Carnival is providing a respite for our longing by throwing an incredible costumed ball on November 6th. This gala extravaganza will be in the spirit of the lavish costumed balls featured during the Carnival so it will give the perfect opportunity to celebrate the decadence and allure of the Carnival without having to wait until February.

This year’s gala is particularly exciting as it will also celebrate the 1600th anniversary of Venice.
A party of this magnitude simply cannot be missed. The ball will be held at the splendid Hotel Monaco.

The Details:

DATE: Saturday, November 6th, 2021
NAME: Autumn Minuet (“Minuetto d’autunno”)
HOURS: 8 p.m. – 12 a.m.
LOCATION: Ridotto Halls, Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal in Venice
DRESS CODE: period costume

Italians know how to mark the occasion. This special event is a rare opportunity to participant in a celebration 1600 years in the making.

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Watch video of a past event