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Vinci – Museo Leonardiano Mostra “Leonardo a Vinci: alle Origini del Genio”


At the Origins of Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit extended through January 6th

The ongoing celebration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s 500 year anniversary will continue throughout Italy, especially in his hometown of Vinci into the new year. Record number of visitors flocked to Vinci this year and specifically to the exhibit at the Leonardo Museum, prompting organizers and the city council to extend the celebration until January 6, 2020. 

The exhibition, At the Origins of Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci, contains a number of original documents on loan from the State Archives. Also on exhibit is Leonardo’s first signed drawing, Landscape 8P, on loan from the Uffizi Gallery. The opportunity to see these art and artifacts, surrounded by the landscapes that inspired them, should be on every art-lover’s itinerary. 

Also on exhibit are medieval- and Renaissance-era documents detailing Leonardo’s early life in Vinci. For visitors, the ability to see details of Leonardo’s family life and art, and trod the paths he walked in his hometown, is truly a unique experience. 

Rates remain unchanged for the remainder of the opening. For information on this once-in-a-lifetime (indeed a bimillennial) opportunity, contact Cultural Italy. 


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