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Florence Opera & Maggio Musicale

Florence Opera & Maggio Musicale

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“Florence has been waiting for this room since the end of the Second World War, I personally realize a dream that I have been cultivating since I first set foot in this city in 1962. The room is warm, the acoustics are already beautiful, but over time the wood is transformed and will improve again.”

Zubin Mehta

Two of the crucial components of an outstanding musical venue are the stage and the acoustics. You can rest assured that when a modern building is designed in a place like Italy for the designed purpose of creating unforgettable sounds, these components can be experienced at their optimum beauty. The Teatro del Maggio in Florence, inaugurated in 2011, is a glorious example of what is possible. The 35-meter-high stage tower produces a powerful volume of sound filling the space and meeting the theater’s walls. Designed for the auditory, the dense, Pearwood walls serve to make the space an immense musical instrument, with a vast network of thin copper to move the sound without creating distortions. The result is a room achieving acoustical perfection. Zubin Mehta directed the Beethoven Ninth Symphony during the inaugural celebration and was moved by the beauty of the sound created. Attending an opera in Italy is an unforgettable experience, seeing an opera at the Teatro del Maggio in Florence raises the unforgettable to the sublime. 

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