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Teatro Comunale Bologna Opera Theater

Teatro Comunale Opera Theater: Calendar of Events
Bologna Opera House: operas, concerts, ballet at Teatro Comunale

Teatro Comunale, the famed opera house of Bologna begins its life in 1763. Formed from stone in the Baroque style, the opera house was built to replace the wooden Teatro Malvezzi which was destroyed by fire in 1745.

The premiere performance of Gluck’s ‘Il Trionfo di Clelia’ was the first event in the new theater open to the public and saw a record number of attendees. The theater has gained recognition since then as a host to world-famous performers and the high quality of the productions it features.

In a city with so much history and beauty, a visit to this enchanting venue is a must for travelers, and enjoying a wonderful evening seeing a performance in this famous venue is an experience that will stay with you. Check out other ideas for Opera enthusiasts.

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