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Learn with the Pros: Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners

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For the budding home chef or the professional looking to expand their skills, the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners is a must-visit in Northern Italy. Located in Costigliole d’Asti, about a 2-hour drive from Milan, the ICIF is a training center for Italian and International chefs that also offer non-professional courses, often in the same class settings.

Tastes of Milan: Delicious Choices

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Tastes of Milan: Delicious Choices
In a country rich with culinary choices, Milan has tastes unique and plentiful. Visitors to this northern city will find opportunities to experience culinary and cultural experiences that will last a lifetime. Here are some unique to Milan: Luxury and History. For those looking for historical and gastronomical delight find yourself at the 5-star Grand Hotel et de Milan. Giuseppe Verdi made this his home away from home and its reputation for excellence continues to draw high end clientele.

The New Foodie Destination: Eataly World

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Imagine visiting your local farmers market inside a park complete with working farms, educational tours and shopping centers with local eco-friendly products.  What was once imagined has become FICO Eataly World, the world’s large agri-food park, now open outside Bologna.  

Wine tasting in Piedmont

Piedmont Wine Country - Cultural Italy

There is no better place for a wine lover than Italy. The majority of us get used to think that Tuscany is the number-one destination for such purpose, while actually it is far not the only region capable to lift your spirits up while bringing down into your stomach some unique and extraordinary wine flavors. A visit of the Northern Piedmont with its picturesque hills and infinite number of vineyards will give you a proof that magic white and red elixirs along with a unique travel experience are all to be found there.

Best Design Restaurants 2014

Italy is the home town for food. Olive oil, wine, cheese, truffles, pasta... The list of famous Italian specialties is almost infinite. No surprise. This fertile land touched by the Mediterranean sea and warmed up by the hot southern sun is rich enough to make people from all over the world quite addicted by its local delicacies.

Espresso, macchiato o cappuccino?

Coffee is undoubtedly one the most popular beverages in the world. It made its first appearance in Venice in 1570 thanks to Prospero Alpino, a physician from Padova, who returning from a trip to the far East, took a few bags of coffee with him, and had the Venetians taste some of that mysterious black concoction.

Drink your water!

Italy has an abundance of mountain springs that have provided the local populations with water for the longest time. Some of these springs actually flow with either naturally still or naturally sparkling water. If you enter an Italian supermarket, you will undoubtedly notice an entire aisle dedicated to tens of different water brands, mostly bottled at source in plastic bottles, then sealed and wrapped up in a cellophane package of 6 units each.