Amy Ouradnik

I am sorry for not responding quickly to your email-we took out trip in teh summer and now it is almost November! My daughter and I liked the fresco workshop. It was very informative and simple. Because we were the only people in the class that time, we were able to take our time and play with the materials. One of the most valuable things that happened is that the instructor gave me the name of a paint/art/plaster shop in Florence, which I really appreciated. The Uffizi was one of the darker, duller Museums we had been in which was a surprise because I had remembered it from a visit 20 years ago and thought it really special. Not sure why there was a difference. But that has nothing to do with your services! Thanks for your help, you were very kind and accomodating on the phone. I hope you and your loved ones are well after all the nasty fires in California.Take Care,

Amy Ouradnik, USA