Chelsie Jordan King

October 2021


We are so grateful to have found you to help us explore Italy. After planning the trip for years, we had high expectations, but you exceeded them day after day. Our Italian vacation was beyond our wildest imaginations. I hope you plan in other countries because I cannot imagine a trip of this scale without you.

Jackson and I didn’t even realize how much we needed a mentally relaxing trip together. I am so thankful we decided to let you plan all of the logistics so that we could just marvel as we explored place to place. Thank you for making so many last-minute changes after we arrived. You are an Angel for going above and beyond!

I am not normally one for tour guides, but experiencing Pompeii and Path of Gods with locals was what elevated those adventures. The gastronomic hike was a little confusing – we weren’t exactly sure what was happening. We thought we were going to farms and factories to learn about local cheeses and meats, but it was more of a tasting. Regardless, we still enjoyed the hike so much! It was spiritual and emotional and meeting the local farmers along the path was so cool. If I were to recommend this trip to friends and family, I would suggest they hike in the morning (with our same guide!!) and have lunch in Pompeii before going back to Sorrento; however, Joey and Sara really enjoyed just driving through the local town, so I think their opinion would be different!

The winery was stunning and everyone we met was so nice. Our drivers were all wonderful and shared their fascinating opinions with us. We loved the water taxi in Venice so much.

I have no words for Capri and our captains. I think we can all agree that was our favorite part of the trip. We found a restaurant on the cliffs called Capri Rooftop and Lounge at Luna Hotel. The views were stunning!

We loved EVERY hotel. They were all perfection – location, views, balconies, aesthetics, etc. my only feedback would be to upgrade our beds next time – at least towards the end of the trip. We are used to plush beds at home haha

Also, Enrica Rocca’s cooking school was very intimate and authentic. We enjoyed ending our trip with her. I believe she is phasing out of the Venice classes, but her daughters do it in London!

Thank you, thank you!!! It will be a trip we never forget.

I will send photos in a separate email! I need to pick my favorites!!


Chelsie Jordan King

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