Dave and Donnamarie Dietz



Thanks for helping to provide us with a trip of a lifetime! We truly enjoyed ourselves everywhere we went. The accommodations….along with the breakfasts were just wonderful! Each stop on our journey was more amazing than the one before. From historic Florence and Rome, through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, to the breathtaking Amalfi coast, Italy was spectacular. Our favorite times were when we had access to the tour guides. They made the sites truly come alive with lots of history and personal details. We thank you especially for the help you provided when transportation issues arose. It was comforting to know you were a phone call away when we weren’t sure how to proceed! Thanks so much for a fabulous vacation!

Now that the dust has has time to settle, here are some of our thoughts regarding the trip….

Our  trip through Italy was absolutely wonderful. We had amazing experiences, we saw amazing things, and we met amazing people. We were happy to get a peek into so many different regions. We tasted the wines, ate the foods and learned so much about the historical and cultural aspects of this beautiful country!

You helped to craft the trip of our dreams for us! During the planning stages she was in frequent contact with us making sure you understood what we wanted. During the trip itself you were “on call” just a phone call away if we ran into difficulty. You went above and beyond…..even calling the conductor…..when we had train connection problems in Orvieto.

Favorite parts? So many! Gorgeous scenery, delicious food and wine…. but we have to say that the local guides made this trip special. Anyone can read the facts from a tour book. These guides wove the facts into a story, connecting the things we saw with what was happening in the country and the world at that time. They filled in the color in a black and white picture. They pointed out little tiny things we would have never noticed, and they shared bits of their personal stories with us giving us a glimpse into their lives. Laura in Florence, Laura in Naples, Sebastiano in Capri, and Darius in Herculaneum. Terrific guide in Rome too but I can’t remember her name.

All in all it was a delightful trip, full of adventures and magic. Thanks so much Nicoletta for all you did!

Dave and Donnamarie Dietz