Ciao Roberta,
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but my Aunt was very ill when I returned home from the trip and she recently passed away suddenly. It has been a difficult time. As to the trip it was amazing!!! As I said my husband and I travel to Italy frequently, but never did we have such an amazing experience!
First the drivers Giacamo & Lorenzo were absolutely terrific. They were so patient and sweet  with the children and accommodating. They had such knowledge, every ride with them was like being on your own personal tour, just driving down the road!…They were brilliant!…. Antonella in Florence was absolutely great! Again she made interesting for the children & the adults. There was so much to the city we were able to explore and learn about. You think because you have traveled somewhere numerous times you know pretty much, but not in Florence there is so much to learn around every corner of the amazing city! Fresecobaldi vineyard again never have I experienced such beauty and experience in one place.The wine is beyond belief! Everyday was a great adventure. I would recommend to everyone. Which brings me to my next reason for writing to you. My doctor as I said would like me to book a trip for her and her family.  I am torn between 2 different ideas-1-Paris Italy Greece in April or 2- rent apartment in Florence for a month and travel by train. Do Paris on way in 4-day lay over no extra cost on airfare? My problem is I want to go to Ireland, Greece, Paris but only if I get to go back to Florence… I just love this country and if I have to choose it will always be Italy! Can not wait to see what you come up with …

And again Thank you a million times for the trip! you were beyond fabulous! …your friend Edie