Heejoon Choi


Ciao Elena and Manuela,

My mom and I would like to express our deep heartfelt thanks for helping to make a trip of a lifetime to Italy possible! We have arrived back in the States safe and sound and had an absolutely wonderful time. From the hotel selections to the exceptional guided tours, you have helped set a new standard and expectation of travel for the both of us!

Manuela, thank you for your personalized recommendations and advice during the trip planning phase. I really appreciated you making time to call and go over any questions or concerns. Although we weren’t able to go to all the wineries and experiences you suggested (so, so many!), we hope to one day return to check some of them off.

Once again, thank you to the both of you for helping to make this trip possible, and for making my mom’s 50th birthday a truly exceptional one! 🙂

Best regards,

Heejoon Choi