Jamie and Brenda Mennie

September 2015

Hello Nicoletta,

Just wanted to thank you once again. For a three week trip never staying in on place for more than 3 nights and trying to fit in everything we wanted to see and do must have been a real challenge. From doing the big tourist items in Rome, Florence and Venice, to the small villages in  Cinque Terre and San Gimignano to fulfilling a bucket list item of driving a Lamborghini everything was just sensational.

I want to highlight a couple of the real stand out things. The wine “tasting” with supper at Fattoria San Donato near San Gimignano was incredible. They prepared a meal in that beautiful little village consisting of 12 different plates of food of meats, cheeses, salads, breads etc. It was all delicious but we hardly put a good dent in the amount there was there. The wine all comes from their family winery that we saw before the meal. As for the wine tasting he opened 5 bottles of wine for the meal for the 2 of us. I highly recommend this as long as you are staying in the village (or have a driver for after the meal).

For the end of the tour Enzo from Divina Car service was superb. Very friendly, informative and great recommendations. We especially enjoyed dinner at La Terra restaurant in Montepertuso (his home village).

I think the only thing I would change is the gondola ride in Venice, to not prebook that. There are many places to take it from, any time you want so probably better to just go when you want. Usually the gondolier gets paid directly before the trip but with the pre-book they do not and this seamed to cause a bit of a argument between the gondolier and the person doing the scheduling. As a resilt the gondolier was not very happy and it showed. It was still one of those must do things and we still enjoyed it but would suggest not booking that ahead and having it prepaid.

I have included a picture from each of the places we visited.

Thank you so much again for all your hard work it was truely a memotable one

Jamie and Brenda