Marni and Mani

Our vacation was amazing!!! We truly had the most incredible time and are absolutely in love with Italy. 
We did try to call the lady for the boat tour when we got to our hotel in Sorrento to find out where to meet them that morning and she did not answer. We did not have cell coverage so it was a challenge for us and did not receive her message back from the hotel until the end of the day. 
It all worked out… Our favorite place on the trip was Sorrento. We thought about taking the hydrofoil but had such a great time walking around exploring the city and the hotel La Favorita was incredible! They upgraded our room to a junior suite and we had a huge balcony that allowed us to see the ocean and get some sun and relaxation time. 
Since we missed the boat tour, We chose to add the extra private tour of the Amalfi coast with our driver from Pompeii. It was awesome- we stopped in Ravello for lunch and along the coast a few times in some shops before arriving in Positano. We had so much fun in the cooking class at Positano. 
The only thing we will do differently next time is to skip lake Como. We are glad we went and saw it, but you were right- it was very touristy and crowded. We did think it was beautiful and fun to walk around and hike up to the gardens. 
We also did not make the Tuscany group tour as it was a holiday and they expected to sit in a lot of traffic… We were having too much fun getting lost and shopping in Florence so we decided not to spend the day traveling again. We probably should have kept the private tour, and will for sure do this next time. 
All of the private tours in Venice, Pompeii, and Rome were outstanding. The tour guides were very knowledgable and we enjoyed learning from them all. We went with the flow and it truly was our dream vacation. The weather in every location cooperated, the trains were very easy, great to see the country side, and on on time, and all the accommodations were comfortable.
Thanks for helping to make this a great experience. We will leave a positive review on the website and we have already referred you to two other families. 
Mani Behrang & Marni Rutkofsky