Michael Hand

Elena, Stella and I have just returned from our wonderful vacation in Sicily. Everything was just perfect!. The weather was great, the drivers were timely, the guides were knowledgeable, the people were friendly, the hotels were great and the scenery was exceptional. All of the drivers and guides were very good but, particularly noteworthy were our guide in Siracusa, Eva Greco, Silvano Lunetta our driver/escort in Palermo and Carmelo Giuffrida who shared his exceptional knowledge of Mt. Etna with us. A tour with Eva Greco in Siracusa was like visiting with a personal friend who enjoyed showing off her home town. Silvano knew the area around Palermo like the back of his hand. He seemed to know almost everyone at all the sights he took us too. Carmelo was so knowledgeable about Mt. Etna and the surrounding area. Most importently he loved to share his knowledge in a friendly as easy going manner. The Hotel Villa Athena in Agrigento was spectacular. The memory of eating a delightful lunch and enjoying a glass of fine Italian wine while all the while drinking in the view a view of a Greek Temple in the Valley of Temples is one that we remember for a long time. The friendliness and location of the Hotel Borgo Pantano in Siracusa  remains with us. A stay there was like visiting well-to-do relatives at there spacious villa in the Sicilian countryside. Thanks for the wonderful arrangements for our vacation of a lifetime.

Mike and Stella