Patrick & Page

October 2015


We really enjoyed our trip.  You did a fantastic job in matching our wants/needs in this trip.  It went flawlessly.  Our itinery was well designed and coordinated with the pickups/transfers, tours, check-ins/check-outs, (Times/Date & Meeting Places, etc…)  Everyone took excellent care of and made sure our experience was perfect.
We would highly recommend all of the individuals (…and their Companies) for future visits.

In Rome:
Colosseum Tour: Emanuela
Vatican Tour: Salvatore
Dinner Walking Tour: Sarah – With an “h” 
In Sorrento:
Car Service: Renaldo, Jean-Carlo & Pepe
Pompeii Tour:  Sabrina or Sabina?
Farmhouse Tour: Jean-Luigi & Francesca
Paestum Tour: ???
Boat Trip to Capri: Capt. Sebastiano & his son Renaldo
Tour of the Amalfi Coast: Pepe
If we had to list out our “Most Favorite Excursion..”   It would be without a doubt, The Farmhouse Tour with Francesca, her sister (Sorry I missed getting her name) and brother Jean Luigi.  
We enjoyed getting the “Private” hands-on with the farm, the restaurant, making Mozzarella, making our Own Pizza’s and the time we spent with Francesca talking about her family.  Her Grand Father buying the land, his hard work along with Her Father Luigi, and them making it what it is today.   Due to time, we didn’t get to see the factory where they make their products for other businesses and what they sell at their own store in the Piazza Sant’ Antonino in Sorrento.  This was the highlight and most talked about with our Friends.
We did enjoy the history that we were able to see by the Colosseum, The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, Touring Pompeii & Paestum Ruins, etc….  We also enjoyed the Amalfi Coast, the Capri Boat Ride, swimming off the Amalfi Coast in a city where we anchored off & jumped in.   The Grotto’s were very busy with the other tour boats, so no swimming there……
I could go on & on…….  Thanks for the adventure!
Talk to you later,

Patrick & Paige