Sondra Smith

JUNE 2016

Hi Luana,

Our trip was awesome! We had so much fun and made so many memories. We were very happy with Hotel Nazionale. We also enjoyed every tour! Our favorite was the day in Capri. Although we were disappointed that the blue grotto was closed (due to choppy waters), the lancia boat trip around the island was wonderful. We were very happy with our captain and he took us to a local place for lunch since we had extra time. We swam in the sea and shopped a little in town afterwards. I was very happy that we chose to do our excursion this way rather than doing one with the cruise ship because we were not packed into a big boat with many people and we were free to explore the way we wanted to.  

We really enjoyed the Welcome to Rome tour on our first day in Rome. It was fun to go in the evening and the gelato tasting was a real treat during the walk. The tour gave us a good overview of the city. The guide was very good. (Unfortunately I do not remember names very well). We also enjoyed the Vatican tour and the Colosseo tour, but it was a lot to do both in one day due to them being a 3 hour walking tour. But it was our own fault that we did them both due to not having an extra day to spare. 

The directions you gave us to each meeting point- including the map and the actual picture of the meeting point was very helpful and we did not have any trouble locating it. However, I confess that we did use GoogleMaps to help us navigate the many streets because it can be confusing. GoogleMaps works perfectly! Perhaps one thing that might be helpful for future guests would be a more detailed overview of the Metro lines- how to buy tickets, where the stops are, etc. We were nervous about this, so we did not use it until the last day and then we wished we had used it more due to it being less expensive than taxi. 

Overall, I would give you 5 stars for the selections you made for us and the information you provided before the trip! I will send a few pictures in a separate email.

Kind Regards, 

Sondra Smith