Steve P.


Hi Pia, 

I hope this finds you and yours well and enjoying the Fall.  First of all, through your efforts, we had a great trip with no significant issues or problems in the arrangements.  Our arrival in Rome was late and I did not read the details of where to meet our driver carefully enough.  However, when I called the number listed, I got through quickly and the issue was resolved.  Our driver’s use of a tablet with our name in bright colors made it easy to spot in the throng of waiting drivers holding white paper with black hand written names.  Once in the car, the driver offered water, phone charging and Wi-Fi on the way to our hotel.  The water was great and the ride professional. 

The Spanish Art Hotel was quite adequate, nicely located, clean with pleasant and professional staff. The train to Napoli was excellent and our seats were great.  And, the driver who met us at the station in Naples was one of the highlights of our trip.  We do not remember his name, but if you can find out, I would certainly suggest you do.  It is my understanding that he came in high in the lottery for new drivers and will have his own business next year. 

 The driver and our guide in Pompeii coordinated well and our guide, Annalisa, was excellent.  She was pleasant, spoke English very well and was well informed and fun. Following our guided tour the trip to Sorrento and the hydrofoil port was pleasant and enjoyable.  Again, the driver was excellent! The trip on the hydrofoil was uneventful and we were able to find the funicular to the top.  There was no one at the dock to carry our luggage to the hotel, like some of the other hotels, but this was not a big deal since we weren’t certain we wanted to part with our luggage.  Instead, we had no trouble taking it with us.  The hotel was beautiful and convenient for our visit.  The Hotel Gatto Bianco was one of our favorites.  The facility is excellent.  The breakfasts were outstanding, the best of the trip.  The spa provided the massage we were looking for.  We spent considerable time walking the trails (walkways/roads) and sometime on the beach swimming.  All in all, our time in Capri was quite enjoyable.  If someone was interested in people watching and/or shopping, they would have an even more enjoyable time.

 The trip back to Sorrento via hydrofoil was uneventful and the next driver was pleasant and professional for our short drive to the Grand Hotel La Favorita.  This is a class facility with beautiful grounds and facilities, classic professional staff and quality service all around.  While we did not have a balcony, our ground floor private patio was beautiful with wonderful mosaics and garden at our doorway.  The rooftop pool was excellent and we also found our way to the swimming area below the cliffs a few blocks from the hotel.  There were plenty of fine restaurants from which to choose in addition to the hotel.  The breakfast here was also excellent and graciously served.  This was the classiest of the facilities in our opinion.  It was also quite comfortable and seemed quite safe in the streets at night.  The crowds were fun to watch and the shops enjoyable.  

For the trip to Positano we again had the excellent driver that drove us from the Naples train station to Sorrento Port via Pompeii. He pointed out features and points of interest, stopped along the way at vistas for pictures and was as comfortable to ride with as one could be in Southern Italy. 

Villa Celentano was an excellent choice for our stay in Positano.  There were many great choices for restaurants nearby and the facilities were just right for our stay.  Maria and her family were warm and friendly and welcomed us eagerly.  While the breakfasts weren’t on a scale with the five star hotel, they were very nice and served well.  There was an excellent choice of items and we didn’t lack.  While we might stay a few less days on another trip, the time here was enjoyable and the beach away from the main port was excellent.  One of the highlights here was the massage person at the beach each day at very reasonable rates. 

Of course, in Positano one must be able to navigate steps — lots of steps.  Each morning I would go for my morning newspaper.  That was about 200 steps each way in addition to the walkways and road.  The trip to the beach each day was over 650 steps down, with the return route less challenging by taking the route through the main port and up the road.  Still, it is a place with stairs everywhere.  The shops here were excellent and significantly less expensive than both Capri and Sorrento.  We enjoyed this stop on our trip a great deal.

Our transfer to Ravello and The Hotel Villa San Michele was again provided by the same driver and was pleasant as before.  The Villa San Michele is one of the most beautiful places we have visited in our travels.  With only two nights there, we didn’t get to explore the community and it is clear why dinner is included with the room.  There didn’t seem to be any alternatives nearby since you’re not in the village itself.  The service and facilities were superb. The staff carried luggage from car to room and back when necessary.  The choices for meals were fine. The wine, an extra charge above the dinner, was very good and the pour was generous. Our room was beautiful with private deck and wonderful views.  The garden area was especially nice for sitting and relaxing. The facilities are beautifully maintained and appointed.

The transfer from Ravello to the Naples train station was pleasant and the driver professional.  The company providing the services in this area was excellent.  Our trip back to Rome on the train was fine and the driver was waiting as indicated. The transfer from the hotel to the airport went smoothly and professionally. 

In summary, we had a great trip thanks to your planning and selection of facilities, locations and service providers.  The transfers were excellent and much appreciated.  We have already recommended your services to others and should we travel to Italy again in the future, we will surely call on you for assistance.  Thank you!  And, should you have any questions or wish additional information or clarification on what is written above, don’t hesitate to let me know.