Art and Madness in Fontanellato

Art and madness, dreamlike atmosphere & luxury accommodation at the world’s biggest labyrinth in Fontanellato, near Parma

Did you know that the largest labyrinth of the world is in Italy? No kidding! A real 8-hectars maze has been recently opened in Fontanellato, near Parma. Those who love nature, adventure and prosciutto di Parma simply cannot miss this unique experience!

Labirinto della Masone, designed and built by the Italian designer, publisher and art collector Franco Maria Ricci (the one on the right at the drawing), is a single experience for anybody. The labyrinth is a geometric field lined with 200 000 bamboo trees, each about 5 meters height. It is a surreal journey made of 3 km-long tangled routes and only 2 exits. And believe me, it is not easy at all to find a way out.

But no worries! If you really get lost in this bamboo forest you can call for help. In fact, anyone who get a ticket, receive a special badge with all emergency numbers. Promise, in case you ask, someone will rescue you from this maze!

And once out, don’t run away too fast! First visit Franco Maria Ricci’s museum and his private collection made of over 500 artworks and about 15 000 volumes dedicated to the history of art and Italian graphics.

Besides this permanent exhibition space, Ricci’s foundation offers also a temporary exposition. Now there on display you can find amazing works of Antonio Ligabue (1899-1965). The show made of exotic paintings, jungle animals and striking colors entitles “Arte e follia” (Art and madness) and will last till October, 30.

And ones you are done with the cultural program of your Masone trip, drop in the Labyrinth’s restaurant and taste it’s delicious seasonal delicacies. But watch out! Don’t get lost in the menu. It is really rich and yammy!

Probably after such a stunning day spent between nature, art and Italian cuisine you won’t want to leave this paradise.

Well, for those of you who will fall in love with this magic place, there is a possibility to spend a night over in a dreamlike atmosphere. Labirinto della Masone offers, in fact, a very special accommodation. The two suites only that you can find here are two luxury apartments embellished with precious art masterpieces and fine furnishing. Each suites offers one bedroom and two large bathrooms designed for a very special guests with sophisticated taste far and love of total comfort.

Maria Novozhilova

twitter: @NovozhilovaM