Into the wild: Lillaz Waterfalls and Vertiginous Alps

Have you ever thought of tracking in Italy? Don’t get scared! To enjoy breathtaking landscapes of this beautiful country you don’t have to give up your comfy hotel and city tours, museums and restaurants spending entire days or even weeks far from civilization. One day trip, if well planned, is more than enough to enjoy some of the best spots of Italian stunning nature. 

Just to give you a hint, breathtaking 150 meters high Lillaz Waterfall in the heart of vertiginous Alps is one of such unique opportunities.

Well, it is true, of course, if you are planning to travel northern Italy. This spectacular place is located in the famous Gran Paradiso National Park sited in-between of Piedmont and Aosta Valley regions. However, even Milan seems to be not that far after all from this mountain paradise.

What makes this place particularly convenient, however, is the fact that it is located just 10 minutes walk from a small town (baptized with the same name) Lillaz where you can easily arrive by car after a brief ride through magnificent Alps, an experience that itself worth a lot.So once you get to the Lillaz destination, your 1 day adventure starts.Lillaz is pretty high. It is located at 1610 meters above the sea level, and it is surrounded by numerous 

Alpine crests. This tiny village with only 90 inhabitants seems to have been found with an only purpose: to admire the cascade of refreshing and crystal clear mountain water. The town is situated at the foot of the waterfall. And approaching from the settlement to this miracle of nature walking along the river course and slowly getting closer to the waterfall and, with that, getting the best views on it is, in fact, an incredible scenic experience. 

So now, when you are at the waterfall bottom and have tried to dip your feet into its incredibly freezing spring streams, it is time for a small exercise! Now you can climb up theimprovised steep stairs that will bring you 150 

meters higher. During this ascent you can admire the falling blue water from every perspective. But trust me: the best is only about to come!

Only after this small mountaineering work out, that is however very easy even for the laziest of us, a spectacular breathtaking and  eye-catching view on the whole valley opens up.

Once on the top, right beneath your feet you will finally see the whole Lillaz Waterfall vigorously ending off from the mountain cliff. You will sight far sinuous mountain silhouettes gently tracing the tall blue horizon. 

And you can look over the endless ocean of spruce forest refreshing the magic Alpine air. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, feel the humid breeze on your happy face and remember forever this wanderlusting moment of your Italian adventure. Now it is time to return down and to enjoy some local food served in the shade of mountain 


Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM