Rex Yentes

April 2022

Hello Manuela — Yes I have recovered from the trip. We had an awesome time. Everything that you planned for us went
off without a hitch. It was just spectacular. Simone was an incredible guide. His background as an archaeologist made
him so knowledgeable. He got everyone in the group involved in whatever site we visited. At the end of each tour, he would
have a little quiz that got our teenagers involved. He also gave us insight into the best restaurants including whether
they were expensive or more economical. I could go on and on about how wonderful everything turned out. You did
a great job and all of us are grateful.
To be honest, I have to get the pictures from others in the group, so I will send a few when I get them from my son
or granddaughters. Could you please send me your mobile phone number so I can forward them to you.
Thank you.

Kindest regards,

Rex Yentes

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