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Branding Dalí: Exhibit Opens in Naples

Naples |

Long before personal branding, there was Salvador Dalì. The Spanish artist, known for his surrealist paintings and prints, also curated his own iconic persona. With pieces and works rarely seen by the public, the recently opened Branding Dalí. The construction of a myth exhibit examines Salvador Dalì the artist and self-branding genius.

Porta Nuova: A New Life in Milan

Milano |

Porta Nuova: A new life in Milan
Named after the Napoleonic gate at its doorstep, Porta Nuova (new door) was once an industrial wasteland. Multiple planners and designers have helped shape the 290,000 square meters of abandoned buildings and railway lines into the towering center of high-tech and international business, featuring the country’s highest spired skyscraper, the Unicredit Tower.

A Phenomenal Woman: Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper restored

A Phenomenal Woman- Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper restored

While her relevance was remarkably underrated until recently, Plautilla Nelli proves to be a critically important figure of the Renaissance. At a time when women were limited, Nelli did something unconventional: she taught herself to paint. Nelli’s Last Supper, the only known one made by a female artist, has been restored for permanent exhibition at Santa Maria Novella. As one of the largest works created by early known female artist, Nelli’s Last Supper is a remarkable testimony for both her skill and boldness.

Vinci - Museo Leonardiano Mostra "Leonardo a Vinci: alle Origini del Genio"

leonardo |

VINCI - Una grande notizia per gli appassionati di arte e di Leonardo in particolare. La mostra “Leonardo a Vinci. Alle origini del Genio”, che ospita il paesaggio del maestro, suo primo disegno autografo, e i documenti di epoca medievale e rinascimentale che raccontano i suoi primi anni vissuti a Vinci, non chiuderà i battenti il 15 ottobre prossimo bensì rimarrà aperta fino al 6 gennaio 2020. La proroga è stata decisa dalla giunta comunale di Vinci, a seguito dell’enorme successo che ha riscosso l’esposizione, registrando un numero di visitatori letteralmente da record.

Toys As You Have Never Seen Them Before: Doll Museum in Angera / Lake Maggiore

Angera - Lake Maggiore |

Even if you are not a baby anymore, you will love this museum. Thousands of dolls, from giant to impossibly small ones, all decorated with incredible details, filling up the historical Castle Rocca Borromea di Angera located on the shore of Lake Maggiore.

Sore High Up In The Sky: Birdly Flight Simulator In 5VIE

Milano |

At Palazzo Litta in the heart of 5VIE design district on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019 you can find “Simulazione Milanese” by Birdly, a technologic bird flight simulator. Lay on it and fly! Swiss-designed “Simulazione Milanese” is a modern interpretation of Plato’s cave allegory, in which the cave is replaced by a giant birdcage hanging over Milan.

Celebrations For Leonardo: 500 Year Anniversary Celebrates Da Vinci’s Life

Leonardo da Vinci |

Genius. The definition is the embodiment for Leonardo Da Vinci. Celebrated artist, inventor and thinker, this year marks the 500th anniversary of his death, with celebrations and events around the world. Across his home country are celebrations and events giving a glimpse into Da Vinci’s brilliance. With so many events to choose from, here is a sampling, starting in his home town: VINCI

15.000 Butterflies Invade Historical Milanese Palazzo

Milano |

You will definitely have chills entering this magic space. 15,000 black butterflies dramatically cover the whole interior of the historical Milanese apartment at Fondazione Adolfo Pini in the heart of Brera Design District. Entitled “Black Cloud” this is a site specific art installation created by the Mexican artist Carlos Amorales.

Missoni’s “Home Sweet Home” by Alessandra Roveda

Milano |

Home Sweet Home. Perhaps the Sweetest home ever! Rainbow colors, soft knitting and every single object enveloped with yarn. Angela Missoni, the creative director and president of Missoni, selected Alessandra Roveda to curate the installation representing her family’s beloved knitwear brand on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019.