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Sant'Ambrogio 2016 MN Maria Novozhilova   01 |
December 10, 2016

Did you know that Milan has a special day for setting up Christmas decorations? While the rest of the world does it somewhere in late November or early...

ARSENALE 2016 01 BEST OF ARSENALE template MN Maria Novozhilova |
November 28, 2016

If you still haven’t visit the 15th Venice Biennale, you are running out of time. Only few days left before the world’s most important 6-month long...

Slovenian Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2016   MN Maria Novozhilova   01 |
November 15, 2016

After having spent some time with your head in the clouds at the Swiss Pavilion, spying on Japanese tiny houses and getting dazzled under the artificial...

02 STREET ART IN FLORENCE MN Maria Novozhilova |
October 25, 2016

In these past years, the notion of a street has shifted far from an idea of something outside and extraneous, gaining the fame of a great urban space full of things...

04 venice VENICE BIENNALE MN Maria Novozhilova vert |
October 21, 2016

Would you ever believe that somebody could drill a hole in the centuries-old roof of Venice Biennale’s Arsenale in order to host a temporary installation? No...

01 Japanese Pavilion Venice Biennale MN Maria Novozhilova |
October 17, 2016

Japan’s national participation at “Reporting From The Front” in Venice looks as an out of scale built tiny town showcasing some of the most intriguing...

01 SWISS BIENNALE 2016 MN Maria Novozhilova |
October 17, 2016

This year Venice Biennale brings you to cloud nine. Literally!

 01 LIMESTONE Arsenale Venice Biennale 2016 template MN Maria Novozhilova |
October 12, 2016

Can you imagine a vault made of rock that stands strong without any mortar? If not, than go to Venice Biennale’s incredible installation known as Armadillo...

 01 stanze 21TRIENNALE Maria Novozhilova |
September 26, 2016

Have you ever thought about a perfect place to live in? Contemporary Italian architects constantly search for the answer trying to imagine a domestic...

01 venice Alejandro Aravena |
August 21, 2016

Did you know that the introductory rooms of the 2016 Biennale Architettura were built with 100 tons of material generated by the dismantling of the previous...

02 Triennale Expo   MN Maria Novozhilova |
July 29, 2016

How often did you hear that we are not supposed to touch anything in a museum? Do not do this, do not do that, just keep away, observe and do it in silence....

00 palazzo italia MN Maria Novozhilova |
July 26, 2016

Did you miss the 2015 Expo and decide non to wait in line for hours to visit the Italian Pavilion? No worries! Palazzo Italia is open again and completely free...

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