Alisa Manulkin

APRIL 2019

Hi Roberta,

We had a wonderful time!  There was so much to do and see!  Thank you for organizing such a great trip!  I think the itinerary was great because we had a break in between days of walking.  It was a lot of walking!

I loved Venice – it was beautiful and so nice that there are no cars when walking around. This was so unlike Rome where there are so many cars and people driving and walking by their own rules :).  We loved Florence and Rome.  I don’t think we can pick a favorite.  For me, Rome was just fascinating with the history there.  It was amazing to see all of the things you learn about in school come to life.  And everything was done in such a big way.  

The lunch and day in Chianti was also great.  We loved seeing the countryside.  It is gorgeous!  And our driver was so kind!  We really enjoyed him.

The mask making workshop was very interesting and a lot of fun.  I think for my girls it was the highlight of the trip.  It was nice to learn the history, hear about the process, make a mask and have something to take home.  They liked that the workshop had made masks for movies, magazines, and famous weddings :). They also enjoyed the day in Florence with the cooking class.  It was fun to go to the market – see and taste local produce, meats and cheeses.  Our chef, Mateo, was so nice.  We made pasta and tiramisu.  It was fun!  

The food tour in Rome was also a big hit.  It was fun to go to the local shops/restaurants and try everything. And, it was a fun way to end a busy week.

All of our tour guides were wonderful – so kind and knowledgeable.  Manuela took us around the Vatican and had booklets for the girls to fill out.  I think that was great to keep them interested.  And, she even brought them “prizes” at the end.  She was so warm and kind – I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is traveling with children.  Overall though, all of the tour guides were excellent and very knowledgeable!

The hotels were also very good.  We loved the hotels in Venice and Florence.  As you know, we were initially not so happy without air conditioner in Rome, but you and the hotel were very responsive.  Once they brought fans into the room, it was fine.  I liked that it was near the Colosseum and the Forum, but it was a little out of the way for everything else.  Being closer into the city center would have been easier, but it was fine.

Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us!  We loved it all!