Terri Astorino




First and foremost I want to say “Thank you!!”. 
The trip to Italy was a trip of a lifetime and was PERFECT! I cannot speak highly enough about each and every one of our drivers and guides. They were on time, courteous and really really fun! Each one of them went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that we had an amazing time. Bravo to each of them. If you have their names and addresses I would love to send each of our guides a personal note of thanks!

I will ALWAYS recommend you and Cultural Italy to all of my family and friends. Each hotel was amazing. Each guided tour perfect. Cooking class with Gabriella – priceless. The boat ride in Sorento – Flavio was so passionate and wonderful. Steve, our guide through Calabria…he may have been the most amazing. He reached out to local people in each small village so that my husband and his brother were able to connect with some of their ancestry….Amazing job from Steve!! 

Once again, I cannot speak highly enough/thank you for all your hard work….it was perfect!  

Thanks again Emanuela for everything …..Perfetto!


Ciao for now!