Arena Opera Museum


‘AMO’ means ‘I love’ in Italian, and this acronym fits perfectly with the spirit of the permanent exhibition “Dall’Idea alla Scena”, which first opened in 2012 at Palazzo Forti in Verona.

The passion and love that Italians have for music in general, and more particularly for Opera, was the input for this novel project, and where else could it have sprung up if not in Verona?
Almost a year ago, the city celebrated 100 years from the Arena’s first opera – the “Aida” – which was staged in the Roman Amphitheater on August 10, 1913. This became the perfect occasion to celebrate the creativity and excellence of Italian Lyric Opera, with a show which now extends over 5,000 square meters and comprises different exhibitions.

The mission of the show AMO in particular, which stands for Arena Opera Museum, is to contribute to the musical education of the audiences and to further spread the culture of the Italian Opera, thanks to the exhibit of original documents and the use of multimedia techniques. 

The circuit is divided into 5 segments, which document the lineage of the Opera, from the libretto to the authorship of the score, from the design of the sets and costumes to the constitution of the orchestra and chorus until the actual theatrical production. The visitor will be guided through all this amazing creative process which culminates with the staging of the opera. 

The most interesting and fascinating part is undoubtedly the section which takes you right within the creativity of the greatest composers which made the Italian Opera famous: costumes and sets in real dimensions, sketches, photographs, correspondence, books, the original autograph scores, letters and notes of Verdi, Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini and Puccini are presented to the public for the first time, transforming this occasion into a unique meeting place between the artistic expressions revolving around the creativity and the individual talents. 

Nicoletta Lucia Paganucci