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Lecce: A Town of History, Churches and Burrata

Lecce |

Lecce: a town of history, churches and burrata
“Now that this is ending, I will travel just as much as I can!” Have you already promised yourself a beautiful escape too? Yes, the whole world did. However, while the destination is clear – it’s Italy! The world’s most romantic and beautiful country – where exactly to go is a question with many wonderful answers.

Adventures by Land: Skiing in Italy

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Adventures by Land: Skiing in Italy
If you’re looking for a long ski season and world-class ski resorts Italy is the perfect choice. You will find breathtaking views, exclusive resorts and world-class competitions in Italy’s mountains. While there are many to choose from, here are 5 extraordinary Italy ski destinations that will ‘peak’ your interest.

Poetry On the Water: Exploring Lake Garda’s Southern Spots

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Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake, is a worthy destination. Surrounded by beautiful mountains with a number of historical sites, museaums, and beautiful villages, Lake Garda’s temperate climate make it an ideal vacation spot. While there are many destinations around the lake to explore, an exploration into the Southern corner of the lake by boat is a perfect journey.

Tropea: Italy’s Best Beach

Tropea: Italy’s Best Beach |

Tropea is known the world over for its’ breathtaking beach. White sand, crystal clear water, spectacular rocky cliff and a lot of history. Tropea beach, located on the tip of the Italy’s “boot” and washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a mind blowing place not to miss if you are planning to visit Italy this summer.


Skull in Sicilia|

Did you know that Sicily is the motherland of Cyclops? At least according to the legend. Ready to find out whether those mythological giants with a single eye in the center of the forehead really existed? Joining the Sicilians on the Sicilian coast you will have plenty of such opportunities and you will hear a lot of beautiful stories that you will want to believe.


Piedmont Wine Country - Cultural Italy

Piemonte is a hidden gem for landscape, food, wine & its proximity to Liguria, France. Still relatively unknown, this region of Northern Italy offers magnificent sceneries paired with also magnificent wines and flavors. With over 160 types of cheese and 45 different D.O.C. wines, you can say that Piemonte is a wine and cheese lover's paradise, producing Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbara and Dolcetto, as well Asti Spumanti, a typical of Christmas celebrations.

Into the Wild: Autumn Vibes at Lake Maggiore

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There are thousands of reasons why you should visit the lakes of Northern Italy. Crystalline water, stunning mountain landscapes and pure alpine air are only some of them. But adding to this picture autumn vibes, painting both woods and skies with yellow and deep purple palettes, will turn the trip into an absolutely unforgettable only-in-Italy and only-in-fall experience.