Day trips & excursions

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POMPEII THEATRUM MUNDI: Ancient theatre among the ancient ruins

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For theater lovers, “the First Edition of the Festival of Ancient Drama” is an opportunity to see five masterpieces of ancient drama in a venue that was built in 55 BC.

Under the Yellow Hood: Ferrari Museum in Modena

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These cars are for millionaires. So expensive that sometimes it is hard to believe that people actually buy them. Indeed, there is no chance to get a Ferrari just like that off the assembly line. They are individual luxury products that the majority of us can only dream about … or see, touch and even test if you are planning to visit Modena.

Duomo di Genova

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Genoa, the capital of Liguria, has the second busiest port and is the sixth largest city in Italy. One of the most beautiful cathedrals if found here. The Duomo di Genova or Cattedrale di San Lorenzo was consecrated in 1118. Updated and embellished through the centuries, today it is famous for its almost two bell towers, a catchy façade, Gothic portals and stunning marble decorations.

Piazza Ducale in Vigevano

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134 meters long by 48 meters wide, and surrounded by continuous arcades on its three sides, this giant piazza in Vigevano seems to be almost out of scale. It is really surprising indeed that such a tiny town possesses such a spectacular and epic city square. Impressive, however not only in terms of its dimensions, but relevant also for its stunning architecture.

Sacred Mount of Varese: a Cool Escape From the Heat of Milan

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Summer is visiting Milan and temperatures are as hot as the fashion. If you are in Milan and are looking for a cool place to relax after seeing the Duomo and shopping in via Montenapoleone, here is a good idea for you.

Only this Summer: the Riverside Market in Rome

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For all the world’s foodies all roads sooner or later lead to Rome. Well, we all know that “bread and circuses” have always been in the Roma’s DNA. And these days are no exception. However, this summer is about to bring us something food-exceptional even for the high gastronomic standards of the Italian capital: over 400 meters of a very special “Riverside Market” ( made of national (as well as international) specialties, only-in-Italy street snacks and drinks, open-air restaurants, farmer's market and green home-made products.