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Oasi di Sant’Alessio : Animals in an Ancient Italian Fortress Near Milan

Oasi di Sant'Alessio - Lombardia |

Wild, beautiful and dangerous animals in an ancient Italian Castle? Crocodiles, piranha, toadfish and many other beasts are just a part of the colorful and blooming jungle of Oasi Sant'Alessio. You can find this amazing green maze just about 40 minutes away from Milan. This incredible Oasi was found in 1973 on the lands of the fascinating fortress of Sant’Alessio built back in far 1413.

Exploring by Sea: Cinque Terre and Porto Venere.

Cinque Terre |

Cinque Terre remains a remote jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean. There is a long history of the families that have lived in these five ‘lands’ who have fought hard to keep these towns owned by the people who dwell here. Once only accessible by sea, this rugged coastline is a perfect place to take a sailing tour to see the terraced green hills, explore ancient villages and discover beautiful natural wonders.

Mt. Etna

Mt. Etna |

Mount Etna, is a spectacular place to visit for scientists and tourists alike who are looking to see the forces of nature at work. And while the unfortunate eruption at Mount Stromboli makes residents and tourists fearful, there are many reasons to continue to explore Etna. And while events like the Stromboli eruption are unpredictable, Cultural Italy relies on the expertise from the nature guides on Etna. These experts get their information directly from the Visitor’s Center on Etna, which provides educational and research services to tourists and scientists and is open year-round.

Silent Paradise: Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda |

Silent, relaxing and surrounded by steep rocky cliffs from one side and waters of Italy’s largest lake from the other, Limone sul Garda is an unbelievable escape from busy cities, traffic and crowds. Not to mention the pure mountain air, crystal clear lake, spectacular views and picturesque promenades.

Bussana Vecchia: A Ghost Town and Europe's Last Hippies

Bussana |

About 8 km from San Remo in Liguria, lies a small town called Bussana Vecchia - a small ghost town with only 66 official inhabitants. These are just numbers, Bussana is full of life and you will love it.

Dolce vita: Five Reason To Visit Montevecchia

Trip to Italy, Montevecchia|

Want to try Dolce Vita while staying near to the Italy’s highest skyscrapers and world’s best shopping city? Then Montevecchia is for you. Located just 40 km away from Milan, this tiny city is an amazing retreat for unconventional travelers, and here the 5 reasons why you will definitely love this place!